Quality House hears your call and comes to the rescue! Our specialists have the gear and the know-how to boost your team’s performance and push your products right to the finish line!
We’ve been providing behind-the-scene assistance and improving software quality since 2004. Quality House provides testing services to IT companies of all sizes, having worked for both telecom giants and budding start-ups. We act as a natural extension of in-house QA teams or build entirely new ones, and model our work to match your internal processes. Flexibility and state-of-the-art results are what we’re after in every single project we undertake.
It’s also useful for you to see something you’ve taken for granted from a different perspective. Quality House performs an objective inspection of your current software testing processes and recommends tools, technologies and measurements, appropriate for achieving software testing efficiency.

What you should know about Quality House is that we’re the leading ISTQB-accredited training provider in South East Europe. We work closely with ISTQB and offer ISTQB certification courses. We’re also accredited as a training provider for the Certified Professional Requirements Engineering (CPRE) – Foundation Level. How do we top this? By developing the Scrum Master course!

Why What We Do Is Different

In all we do, from testing, consulting and assessing to outsourcing services and doing the research to recommend automated tools, we add value to the business development process through understanding your business and providing metrics to prove the effectiveness of our service. Quality House is here for you for the long run!

We assist you from the top, planning and implementing critical business decisions to make sure we meet all critical time-to-market objectives and reduce costs all around. We search out the critical points in your applications and make sure they are fixed first. Once that’s done, the rest of the project flies by and you’re ready to launch sooner than you’d think!

We adapt our strategies and methodologies to cover the most amount of work in the least amount of time. The good news is – you only pay for hours spent working on your project!