Explore a wide spectrum of ISTQB certified Test Engineers with a unique blend of skills and expertise tailored to your needs.

Who We Are

Since 2004, we've been providing essential behind-the-scenes support and elevating software quality. Quality House specializes in offering comprehensive testing services, including QA Outsourcing and QA Consultancy, to IT companies of various sizes - from industry leading telecom giants to emerging startups. Whether seamlessly extending existing in-house QA teams or creating entirely new ones, our approach is designed to align with and mirror your internal processes.

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Testing Services

Test Automation

Quality House can help your company build and maintain test automation process.

Security Testing

Quality House can help you find security vulnerabilities by using both manual and automated techniques.

Functional Testing

Quality House makes sure your product meets each and every one of your functional requirements.

Mobile & Web Testing

Secure your peace of mind before every release with our extensive mobile & web testing services.

Load & Performance Testing

Quality House can show you exactly how your system performs under stress.

Acceptance Testing

As Quality House focuses entirely on testing, we are an independent party without a conflict of interests.

Certification Courses

Highly Professional Trainers

All tutors employed by Quality House work as software professionals and as such they bring their personal experience into the course work.

Strong Real - World Focus

The courses incorporate actual case studies so you know you’re working towards actual solutions, using relevant techniques and practices.

Flexible Courses

In addition to all public courses, we also deliver flexible on-site courses tailored to your company’s needs and schedule.





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Why ISTQB Certification?

The ISTQB certification is a globally recognized credential that validates an individual's expertise in software testing. It holds numerous benefits for both individuals and employers, contributing to their professional growth and organizational success.

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