Quality House Romania is Officially a Member of ANIS

  • 03 Jun 2024

Quality House Romania is Officially a Member of ANIS
We are thrilled to announce that Quality House Romania has formally become a member of ANIS - the Employers Association of the Software and Services Industry in Romania! This marks a significant milestone for our young Romanian entity, signifying our commitment to the thriving tech ecosystem in the region.

ANIS plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration among companies, government bodies, public authorities, and academic institutions to drive the growth of the Romanian high-tech industry and enhance the quality of education in STEM fields. As an ANIS partner, Quality House Romania is positioned at the forefront of the Romanian tech landscape, offering us access to valuable resources and opportunities.

Becoming a part of ANIS enhances our reputation and provides us access to a wealth of information, specialized consultancy, training programs, business opportunities, and networking events. We are dedicated to upholding the values of excellence and professionalism in all our endeavors, as we continue to serve our clients worldwide with unparalleled quality assurance services.

We invite you to join us on our journey and explore the world of Quality. To learn more about our services or get in touch with Quality House Romania, please visit this page.

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